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Managing the medications you need to take for mental health issues can feel overwhelming. At his office in Beverly Hills, California, Amir Ahuja, MD, offers comprehensive medication management services to ensure you’re taking the right medications at the proper dosage. Dr. Ahuja can also help you adjust your medications if you’re not finding relief from your symptoms or help you find new medications to improve your mental health. Call the office of Amir Ahuja, MD, or book a consultation for medication management services online today.

Medication Management Q & A

What is medication management?

Medication management involves services that help you manage psychotropic medications in the treatment of mental health conditions like bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety.

Dr. Ahuja can also help you manage other medications you take for underlying medical conditions to ensure there are no conflicts that can jeopardize your health. 

If you’re working with another therapist, Dr. Ahuja can still provide you with medication management services. He coordinates his recommendations for medication changes with your current provider and focuses on your overall health and safety.

What are the benefits of medication management?

Medication management services are available to ensure you’re getting the maximum benefit of your treatment. 

You should consider medication management if the medications you need to take are too expensive or if you’re not finding relief from your symptoms. 

Dr. Ahuja works closely with you to find an affordable solution to access the medications you need to prevent skipped doses or a worsening of your condition. He can also help you set a schedule for taking your medications to prevent accidental overdose. 

Medication management services are also beneficial if you need to take medications that have a high risk for dependency. Pain relievers and certain medications for mental health disorders can be addictive and have negative impacts on your long-term health.

What can I expect during a medication management consultation?

During your initial medication management consultation, Dr. Ahuja spends time reviewing your medical history, your existing health, and all of the medications you take. 

If your medications aren’t providing relief from your symptoms of a mental health disorder, Dr. Ahuja can determine if you need to adjust your dosage or if you would benefit from a different medication. He can also change medications if you have unwanted side effects that affect your quality of life.

Dr. Ahuja can also help you find the right treatment for a mental health condition if you already tried different types of medications without success. He might recommend additional medications to bring your symptoms under control. 

If the medications you’re currently taking conflict with those you need to treat a mental health disorder, Dr. Ahuja can customize a treatment plan to your needs. He might recommend psychotherapy, cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), or other therapeutic treatment to help you find relief from your symptoms. 

To learn more about the benefits of medication management services, call the office of Amir Ahuja, MD, or book a consultation online today.