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LGBTQ individuals have an amazing resiliency to overcome life’s obstacles but are also at risk for depression and anxiety when facing these obstacles alone. At his office in Beverly Hills, California, Amir Ahuja, MD, offers comprehensive mental health care services that he tailors to meet the diverse needs of the LGBTQ people. Dr. Ahuja provides resources to support your coming out, address your fears of rejection, and improve your overall mental health and well-being as you live your authentic life. Call the office of Amir Ahuja, MD, or schedule an LGBTQ mental health consultation online today.

LGBTQ Mental Health Q & A

Why is LGBTQ mental health care important?

LGBTQ individuals face many challenges that can affect their existing and long-term emotional and mental health.a

As an LGBTQ person, navigating the challenges surrounding your gender, sexual orientation, and identity can increase your risk for mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. LGBTQ youth are also at higher risk for self-harm and suicide.

These mental and emotional health issues might be the result of:

  • Bullying
  • Family rejection
  • Social rejection
  • Sexual harassment
  • Denial of human and civil rights

You might also be more vulnerable to verbal, physical, and mental abuse, which can affect your self-confidence and self-worth.

What services are available for LGBTQ mental health?

As an LGBTQ advocate, Dr. Ahuja understands the unique concerns of the community and offers comprehensive mental health care services to keep you safe and healthy. He serves as the director of psychiatry at the Los Angeles LGBT Center and the president of The Association of LGBTQ+ Psychiatrists (AGLP).

You might benefit from the therapeutic resources he provides to assist with:

  • Coming out
  • Facing rejection
  • Addressing trauma
  • Preventing homelessness

Dr. Ahuja also works closely with you to reduce your risk for substance abuse and addiction if you’re using alcohol or drugs to deal with your circumstances. He focuses on creating an individualized treatment plan to keep your depression and anxiety well-controlled to prevent acts of self-harm and suicide.

What can I expect during LGBTQ mental health consultations?

During your initial consultation, Dr. Ahuja provides an open, safe, and judgment-free space to talk about any issues that are affecting your life. He assesses your current mental health, your medical history, and your unique needs.

Dr. Ahuja has extensive experience in addressing the diverse challenges that LGBTQ individuals face. He offers psychotherapy services in-office and online through the telemedicine platform to ensure you have the resources you need to thrive.

If you need treatment for depression or anxiety, Dr. Ahuja can determine if medications should be a part of your treatment plan. He offers medication management services to ensure your medications are working well and providing relief of your symptoms.

To schedule an LGBTQ mental health consultation, call the office of Amir Ahuja, MD, or book a consultation online today.