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  • Do you accept insurance?
    I do not accept insurance. The reason I do not contract with insurance is so that we can have more freedom in dealing with your mental health concerns. Some insurances demand that we treat things in a certain way or for a certain amount of time, and that doesn’t work for every person. Since you are an individual, it is best for us to custom-tailor the treatment to you. This requires us to work outside of insurance. However, you can definitely submit the Superbills you get from my office to your insurance, and most patients do get some reimbursement that way.
  • What conditions do you treat?
    Many conditions, though most commonly Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, ADD/ADHD, Personality Disorders, Schizophrenia, and Substance Use Issues.
  • If I already have a therapist, can I see you only for medication management?"
    Of course you can! I encourage everyone to get therapy if they are also getting medications, but you don’t have to get therapy with me. If you do have an outside therapist, I will ask you to sign a Release of Information form and will contact your therapist so we can align our treatment.
  • What happens in the first appointment?
    Before the appointment, I will send you paperwork to complete. This will include Releases for Telehealth and for HIPAA, as well as contact info and Credit Card information forms. In addition, an Intake Questionnaire will be sent for you to fill out. During the appointment, we will go over your answers from the Intake Questionnaire, and go deeper into your history and current symptoms. We will then make a Diagnosis and Treatment Plan, which we will periodically refer to during your treatment to assess our progress.
  • What if can't make my appointment?
    If you can’t make the appointment, no worries. I am happy to reschedule. My policy clearly states that, if you cancel more than 24 hours in advance, you will not be penalized in moving your appointment. However, if you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment, you will be responsible for the full appointment amount. The reason you will be charged if you cancel in less than 24 hours is that I am reserving that time for you. I will not double-book or have any time conflicts because I am saving the time for our appointment. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, I am unable to book someone else in the spot, and have lost that time. Unfortunately, I have to charge in these instances.
  • Do you prescribe medication?
    I do not always prescribe medications. In fact, I encourage therapy first and am conservative when prescribing medications. I am realistic that some patients may need medications indefinitely, but for most patients, my goal is to periodically try to reduce medications to the least amount needed, or none ideally.
  • Do you offer telemedicine appointments?
    Yes I do! I offer appointments by phone or video. You can even be seen exclusively by phone or video, as long as you reside anywhere in the state of California.This can be a great option for people with mobility issues or trouble with transportation, or those who live in more remote areas without access to quality Psychiatry.
  • Do you offer weekend or evening appointments?
    Yes, I offer weekend and evening appointments, but only by phone or video. I do not offer house calls, but can be reached outside of office hours by phone.
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